Logical Confinement

The only lock Houdini lost
Was unlocked all the time
The chains that really bind us up
Are fetters of our mind.

Fruit flies and fish and dogs lie down
When futile progress find
And as the way is opened up,
Lie prisoners of their mind.

Here trapped within my confines
Like beaker, tank and cell
The jailor – me – can’t set me free
Near-death my living hell.

The knowledge that releases one
Can bind us in our past
Then what we do restricts our view
And grinds us in the dust.

I saw a lady trapped today
Set free by ancient word
A life confined by social bind
Past guidance quite absurd.

Like me, she’d known that freeing word
Too well from childhood past
But could not hear its insight clear
Her thoughts in mindsight cast.

I took her round the other way
And walked her through the door.
It opened right a future bright
A precious treasure store.

So trapped within was trapped without
When stopped along the way.
The bread laid out or cast about
Releases apathy.