The Ice Flow

I let go of truth today
      not Truth, of course,
              but truth –
                     the many truths that fill our days
                             and mind our minds –

the little truths which say that down is up
      and wrong is right –
             though we, of course, deny that up be down
                     or right be wrong – judgmental that –

so say, ‘no wrong or down or bad –
      just life – not Life perhaps
             but life as good it gets’.

He asked if angst had dropped
      and Life arisen…

I fought that one
      as he’d received good care –
             while I’d again not factored in the heart --
                     it’s frailty and sin –
                            and evil brash or small –
                                   till now that is.

They will not change –
      Abiding Plato’s cave
              day-shadows on their walls
                    blue-flickers in their nights
                           ersatz Reality and Truth.

I noticed then the Peace on dying faces –
       by which old people carry us in life
             ‘fore they pass on
                   and we’re left here to struggle
                          within reality and strife
                                bereft Serenity and Truth –

when blizzard-day they take
        a flow of ice –
               released from truths which filled their days
                       and mind our minds.