The Doctor

I think we fear simplicity
As we journey through complexity
To life’s sweet and bitter end.

And as we change
We cover with vain cleverness
And feints, and lies, deep down
The truth that we despise,
Yet find we can’t resist, deny or fight
For longer than a moment.

It’s sad that all this happens as we reach our peak,
And cross from strength, through wisdom
And that drive to pass things on –
Not anything alone, but of our lives the best distilled.

And then one day we wake
And realize our stature slips away
The longer we hold dear our past
That can no longer be
And push away a future
We once helped to treat
And deep down dreaded more deeply through its proximity to our working lives.

That day we realize our actions say
“You unforgiving bastard”
To the victims of our lies –
“you unconcerning child or friend”
To those most dear to us –

And thus deny the grace that’s given in love
By those in their complexity to us in our simplicity –
As we in our time also gave
Receiving grace thereby.