The Church

I let her go today –
Not because she’s done but because I am –
As T1 shifts to 3 and scope for action continues to close in.

“Bigger than you are”, he’d said she was, those many years ago—
I’d not believed him then, but now I do
As she pulls out of port and I stand misty on the dock.

Some day, perhaps quite soon, but no-one knows quite when,
I’ll leave the harbor too
And pass through those moments of departing
Where death once more lays claim to what it never had
Or ever will have, thanks to Him.

Still, parting is rough for those remaining on the dock.
Stage awareness doesn’t ease the pain that much
Save comprehending that it will in time to peace return,
As later so for others.

Then, as I turn and walk back up the road
The backward glances vain,
A puppy whimpers at my hand in need of care
More unconcerned for current loss
And calls me forward
Into life that once was, yet still remains
And beckons from me resources unexpended.