Sub-Set of Poems Reflecting on Book Portraits And Principles of the World's Great Men and Women - Sub-Index

Subset of poems written in reflection on This Book. The [ ] square brackets in the title refers to any Material which is the subject of the reflection. The relevant Scripture passage under consideration is noted in the title as well in parenthesis. These poems will be posted sequentially with the other poems and this index will identify items relating to this sub-set. The book was compiled at the beginning of the twentieth century by William C. King.

General Intro Poems

Poems Relating To The Human Will

Poems Relating To Spirit

Poems Relating To Emotion

Poems Relating To Physical

Poems Relating To Socail Life

Poems Relating To Stewardship Of Time

Poems Relating To Stewardship of Money and Resources

Poems Relating To The Whole Person