Some Serve

Some serve in ways that don’t display much flash
As others serve with much pizzazz and dash;
They’re hardly seen, some noticed not at all
Into this group most of my heroes fall.

I think back to that quiet couple when
A troubled conscience sought to walk with them;
I’d never noticed them each week in Church
Till I found out he’d sought them in the lurch.

Then after that I saw them everywhere
Their quiet ways supporting in despair
Connecting folks with others who could aid
Supplying place where life could be remade.

I met a woman like that recently
I wonder if she despairs quietly;
And wonders if her work as quiet gift
Does anything to help our spirits lift.

So I wanted just to take this little time
To say thanks and show the view that’s mine –
It’s so important to get folks in touch
With those who in their living share so much.

I’ve seen it lots – connecting those who’ve been
Along some road of life and vict’ry seen,
With those now starting up such daunting road –
A few quick words from them lifts off their load.

But few look back and see connecting link –
That person helping those out on the brink
Not with a flashy style or saving word
But linking each with those who can be heard.

So don’t despair if others don’t see flash
In what you do ’cause you don’t make a splash;
If you’d not done your job we’d not be there
To hear exchanging words of love and care.