The Snap Of Others’ Work

It snapped deep in my heart today
Deep in my self where it held sway
For years – as long as I recall
Since early days when I was small.

I just don’t care, here, anymore –
Not interested? Then there’s the door.
I’m tired of folks who change want not
For them that’s all the time I’ve got.

If, as, and when they need my aid
They simply ask, once proof is made
How serious they are to move
On with their life – they’ll have to prove.

The cost is now up front for them
Then maybe they will comprehend
That it’s their move, the whining’s out
If serious, I’ll hear them out.

I knew last week something must give
The stress for me too much to live –
Cancer’s no joke, it loves such stress
As me persuading folks of mess.

Let life do that, I’ve had it, man,
When you’re fed up, perhaps you can
Turn your life round and fix things up –
Perhaps no need for us to sup.

A load dissolved from off my back
The moment that agenda snapped
I felt more free to do my work
Once I’d stopped doing others’ work.