The Runner

It’s so many years now since that woman spoke
Of a marathon she’d run and how she broke
Through that ‘wall’ she said most runners first must pass
If they wish to cross the finish line at last.

Seems she’d trained quite well and thought to run the half
“If I go that far”, she said, “why then I’ll laugh –
That my best will be thus far, as that will be
Now the mark of my first running victory.

As the race pressed forward she began to lag
Felt the energy within her body sag
Then a man came up and fell into her pace
Asked if he could run by her throughout the race.

She agreed and soon they talked each of their life
What their running meant to them through joy and strife
Nearing half with friends and family standing by
She faced dropping off and bidding him goodbye.

Then she smiled and called out to her cheering fans
How encouraged she’d become by running man
She’d decided to press on to run it all
And for them to cheer her to the end at mall.

Now a race for life I find myself in now
Looked quite bleak, I press on now, and this is how:
“So encouraged to continue I’ve become
By these folks alongside whom it’s joy to run”.

How much further I’ve to run I do not know
Less it matters now, for till I’ve got to go
There’s these runners on life’s road that I have met
Whose encouragement’s what I’ll not soon forget.

It’s like if I stop now I will let them down
We run on together through each cyclic round
Shoring up each other not with wise advice
But with press to finish each of us full race.