My heart stood still and my breath slowed down
As his words flowed out through the silent room
Resonating deep, words of English, Cree,
Words of ‘home’ entwined in his poetry.

From a silent place as a silenced one
To his present place ridicule to shun
Recovering himself as they said to him
“Silent be, young man, you’ve no place within”.

On and on he read washing over all
’Cept the two who up, (left us quite appalled)
Not a word for them, through the group they walked,
If they had explained, pressure would have dropped.

Strong words from his soul our response in kind
Impact on our hearts coming through our mind
Echoes of a world caught between two planes
Echoland indeed for us both the same.

Yet he different was, (journeys don’t compare)
Little things writ large, if you really care,
But affirmed I felt to push through with mine
Sacred words those were tingling up my spine.

Yet those boundaries firm – beaded curtain tight
Whitish attitudes in the room last night
Clashed a thousand ways – turn of head, dropped eyes,
Said long way to go (mutually despised).

Fascinating how he from where he stood
Spoke into each head, (heard each way we could)
Is that bridging? No, more like daily bread
For the hungry heart, and the soul well fed.

Planting seeds he was in compassion stress
As they flowed through life in their flowing dress
That amazes me how through words they feel
Poet’s joy and pain for in them it’s real.