Without Constraint

I had not seen
How great it’s been
To have some time
To do what’s mine.

As weekend ends
The clock-time sends
Me to the site
It’s just not right –

The poorer folk
Might laugh and joke
But have to sweat –
No free time yet.

For art to rise
Of any size
Man must be free
With time to be.

Two weeks are small
And that is all
The time I’ve tied
By worker’s side.

Like cancer this
When close abyss
Brings end-time near
One's head makes clear.

Important things
To focus brings
The rest must go
As poor men know.

If one must do
‘What’s good for you’
From life must part
All thought of art.

So now I see
This luxury –
Asset of mine
This wealth of time –

Not just in years
Without those tears –
After this week
The quiet sweet.

Stewardship mine
Of all this time;
Riches of thought
Is what I’ve got.

Each moment now
To fill somehow
With captured thought
Expressed as ought.

A Pastor said
(He’s long since dead)
“Help me define
My use of time:

I can serve man
With strength of hand
Or with my mind
Serve human-kind –

Both I can’t do
Now here with you,
So help me out
So there’s no doubt.”

I have the choice
My use of voice
Or strength of hand
To use as can.

Each has its ways
To fill my days
But wealth I’ve got
Of jotted thought.

Christ’s body we,
In this I see:
Perhaps this my choice
To be its voice –

Some think the stars
Most silent are –
People of clay
Their voice today –

Thus stars can shout
Your praise about
No silence keep
In space so deep –

Workers no time?
Their voice be mine
In photo-art
And words – my part.

To town I came
Task quite the same:
‘Access’ my choice
To give folk voice.

This I can do
Give voice unto
Folks who live here –
Make their thought clear.

Into the mix
Of words and pix
Toss in Your word
“Life’s not absurd”.

Weeks such as now
Could show me how
Each life’s lived out
Twix faith and doubt –

Each life now seen
Here in between
Birth at the start
And when we part –

Make each one part
Of gentle art
Show what I see
Accurately –

Mana like this
Media mixed
Fruit for exchange
From ‘Home on the Range”.