Lies’ Eyes

Like a sandwich it was last evening
As I pushed to be at the meeting
Like two pieces of bread,
Were the words that were said –
Left the meat in between worth eating.

First repairs to computer were sloppy
Over truth the technician was hoppy;
Song and dance he made haste
As my time he did waste
Took my money, said something soppy.

Other slice an instance of lying
No pretence to the truth complying;
Bait and switch was the game
“They are really the same”
(’Cept bucks from my hand he was prying).

The meat in the middle refreshing
Truth of words with their walk was meshing;
When it’s death that we face
Then it’s life we embrace
And for truth from lips we are wishing.

We try lies when we face life’s ending
Through our words to deny the sending
But it just doesn’t work
So we look like a jerk
Death yields not – our fellowship rending.

Lies eyes may not show on the surface
As folks strive to fulfill their purpose
But our eyes for such lies
Comes as quite a surprise
As folks play us for fools and work us.