Freedom’s Choice

I came here to this town
Strange as it now may sound
To bridge, empower each voice
With local TV choice.

‘Access’ TV was then,
Though hard to comprehend
Now as we all look back,
A cutting-edge attack –

On power’s disparity –
To make community
A healthy place to grow
Through Access TV shows.

As part of MRD
(Development degree)
I put up on my site
How Church might do this right.

For that I’m little known
Though such were seeds we’ve sown
It’s through photography
Not Church some folks know me.

A means for me it was
(I searched Church decine’s cause)
I want a Church renewed
Though indirect pursued.

My White Bear Project served
To try what I’d observed:
First Nations’ raise their kids –
‘Self taught, oppression rids’.

When such is hooked up right
Small towns have future bright;
Sometimes one different thing
A better future brings.

A woman’s question gave
A way this thought to save
And say it through a book
How, played-out, it might look.

Through fiction’s thought-up page
The players’ lives engaged
While using such resource
New life was gained, not forced.

‘What would you do’, it asked,
‘If freed from bondage past –
And other such constraint –
What future would you paint?’

Then players each went forth
To chart each different course
Within a world we know
Here in this land of snow.

But still, though writing’s good
It should be understood
I’d rather do than talk
As then my thoughts I’d walk.

So, ‘Ideal’ I present
Who process can resent?
The cost is born by me
So others this can see.

But, hey, though I’m naive
Of this I can conceive
‘To free oppression’s sots
Redeemers bear the costs’.

There is no other way
’Tis ‘Zero-sum’, they say
For those who hold the power
Won’t see their life turn sour.

Yes, I brought strife on self
Despite whatever else
Has swirled around each scene
Where trouble there has been.

I see it – TCK
And lumpy childhood’s way
In every case it’s there
Through it they say, ‘Beware”.

But this thought shows me how
Short life for me is now;
From me what can they take
As I facilitate –

New life for other folks,
Turn pain in them to jokes?
I am already dead
Who cares what else is said?

So, out from death’s dread sting
A freer life you bring
You said, Lord, “This you’ll see,
If you should follow me:

“Of friendship? – Off alone;
Of money? – It’s all gone;
Of life? – you will be dead;
Still interested?” You said.

You said God looked around
At first to see if sound
His plan to build a house
Or freedom’s war espouse.

God saw this total cost
How all, for us, is lost’;
But there’d be victory
And new day we will see.

Not here and now, of course,
(Though new life, no remorse)
For Adam’s dead e’en now
And Christ triumphed somehow.

We walk in freedom’s way
Within this evil day;
They’ll silence freedom’s voice
But can’t remove our choice.