Forty Years

It’s forty years ago last eve
When I proposed – ‘If by your leave
We walk together through this life,
So, darling, will you be my wife?’

‘Why, yes, let’s to the future go
Of which so little do we know;
Together let’s take on the world
And with each other face the swirl –

Of ups and down and ins and outs
With laughter face our fears and doubts;
Far more than just a living make –
A life sublime, for Goodness sake’.

It’s had its ups and downs I’d say
The tears and laughter, unsure way,
It’s triumphs and defeats galore
As we pressed on for ‘something more’.

I asked myself ‘What do I bring
To marriage if we do this thing?”
My love of outdoor camping first
Then interest in the Spirit’s thirst.

Not everything’s worked out as planned
As we traversed this borderland:
Laurentian Shield to prairie bright
This Aspen Parkland’s been the site –

Of struggle to find culture’s base –
‘Third Culture Kid’ from which I traced
Rich heritage – who would have guessed
This ‘Echoland’ of which we’re blessed.

Now as we to the future look
Of photos, poetry, and book,
“The task I gave, don’t care how’s done
Let’s see results, and have some fun.

“There’s time enough in family life
Amidst distractions, toil and strife
To have a satisfying life,”
Said God, “So mister, take a wife!”

I’m glad I did, it’s been a blast
So different now than in the past;
What lies ahead I’ve not a clue
Just glad I’ll walk alongside you.