Wind Of The Spirit

Wind of the Spirit, wind of Power,
Enter my heart as in that hour
While we prepared
To circle there –
That field so cancer-cure be found.

Wind came with power, so dust obscured
My vision, so just roar was heard
We walked the night
By candle light,
That they might live, my pain but slight.

You taught me, Lord, this walk to do
In this small way to follow you
Midst dust and roar,
Night Peter swore
His own best friend, no use for you.

You said “pain suffered as a cost
That others’ lives no more be lost
We’d come to see
Trifles to be –
We lights in darkened tempest tossed”.

But is all power this evil wind
Is there not power to be kind?
You said to choose,
Let power infuse
’Fore starting work you have in mind.

I’ve heard your power outside of me
It lifted tents, broke boughs off trees
But all for me
Out there to see –
Sand hid from view, as whirled round me.

So Wind of Spirit, Wind of Power
Enter my heart as on that hour
Your people came,
There in your name,
And left with joy by Thee empowered.