Who Is This Man?

Who is this man of age that’s mine
The one with gentle curve of spine
Who in Christ’s name greets one and all
Inviting us with Him – ‘stand tall’?

I scarcely know him – winsome is
The way he passes through world biz.
What times were his? How came this way,
With halting step and Christ-like way?

In Scripture I recall some folks
Whose comment on another bloke
Was much as mine, “Who is this man
Who passes by here now and then? –

“Methinks it is a man of God
The Spirit wrapped in earthly clod.
We should a place for him make haste
Lest chance to help him pass as waste.”

They made a place and friend most dear
He lighted up their lives quite drear;
Then later, when some trouble broke
He to their dead son new life spoke.

Life’s strange that way, how good comes round
To give in time of need, food found,
Which nourishes in nick of time
Just as help given like yours and mine.

‘Insurance’, say the cynics bright
And in a sense, yes, they are right;
But deeper yet, life is so cool
When we reach out and play the fool.

We never know whom we will meet
The Bible says we’ll Angels greet
Quite unawares when we reach out
A helping welcome without shout.