The Ten Commandments have two ways
That they are written up:
The first one highlights God’s great name,
The second highlights “stuff”.

It doesn’t matter which you choose
In both all detail’s there;
What matters more is which will help
You deal with self and care.

The first divides the first two up
To spin out their details;
The second looks at coveting
Against all types it rails.

When God’s the center of all life
His power and resource flows;
But when he’s not, we soon find out
Resource and power are low.

So “suck it up” we figure out
Then we’ll have more of each;
We draw it from our neighborhood
As it’s within our reach.

If at the end we’ve got a lot
Of resources and power,
We like to throw our money round
And influence the hour.

"Why, just like God – most generous"
Folks say of us each day.
That makes us smile, makes life worth while,
And lets us have our way.

But we neglect to notice one
Detail about our God,
We don’t see Him resources steal
Or on the people trod.

God has such resource and such power
(He is the source of all),
And when we’ve let him into life
There’s plenty for us all.

Then both flow out, and into spout
Of cultures of this earth;
Then thanks they’ll raise and give God praise
While each retain their turf.

But that’s a dream straight from a pipe
Folks much prefer old ways,
Where power and money flow to them
Just as the T.V. says.

Then they can play at God some more
And close the pincer tight –
Two claws : the debt, and money flow:
The squeeze of ‘divine right’.