Testosterone at 60

No amount of dropping stress or weight will change the facts
Mistakes were made by doctors then their non-responsive acts.
Forgive me if I’m cynical when high concern now comes
Those boys like toys and chemicals – like muscle cars – to run.

It’s been that way since early days – we teens tore up the streets
We liked to burn the rubber so the cuter chicks we’d meet
Though bikes would get us there sometime, perhaps within the hour
’Tis sexier by far, you see, to pull up under power.

When younger we put up with bikes, dads were our back-up plan
But as a rule that was not cool and bus we could not stand.
We longed for days when cash we’d raise to fund our power tricks
As soon as we were old enough – for licenses and trips.

But cars for us held little worth once others also drove
So for new fields of power plays our questing eyes did rove.
For some ’twas sex, or craftsmanship, sports, intellect’s prowess,
Some cutting quips from caustic lips, some cash, or power trips.

The key was not in what we chose, but how we viewed the task
Testosterone’s virility we sought to now unmask.
Our ways as teens in Canada for most part carried on
And like our views of rules and laws, considered little wrong.

So now as adults we all face results of silliness –
Environment polluted from our chemophelic mess;
We’re lazy, sloppy, soft and spoiled; complacent, stupid, broke –
Abandoning more bicycles for burning rubber’s smoke.

But how can I complain, my dear, when I’m a part of this
I seek a short-cut to success, and crave the easy kiss.
When I run up against the same in others’ fields of work
I see the mirrored visage of another teenage jerk.