Tempo In The Town

There is a tempo in the town, in the town
When there’s a clash it gets you down, gets you down
It’ll grind you up and spit you out
Then just who’s boss won't be in doubt, in doubt.

     Over time these tempos mellow,
     Easing life for each good fellow,
     As the misfits go their separate ways, their ways.
     That’s not all bad for me and you, me and you
     There’s not much else that we can do, we can do,
     For each person’s mix is slow to change,
     And stress is lower out of range, how strange.

Another tempo works in you, works in you
The part that’s culture, makes you blue, makes you blue
If it clashes with your personality
Adjustment comes for you and me, you and me.

Each workplace has a tempo there, tempo there
The match with you sets how you’ll fare, how you’ll fare
It is hard to change that culture’s tone
E’en if that company’s your own, your own.

Your family’s tempo in your home, in your home
It’s set not only on your own, on your own
But by all the people at each age and stage
Excessive stress results in rage, in rage.

So all these tempos dance around, dance around
Between each other folks are ground, folks are ground.
Finding harmony or cleaver way to fix
Beats being ground up in the mix, in the mix.