If I  Could Stay Away

If I could stay away from doctors I’d be pleased.
Each time I go, allergic-ly I sneeze.
This latest round just makes me shake my head –
Not sure who’s leading, who’s the one who's led.

The CT man suggested four months wait
Then take another picture, check the state.
But quarterbacking doctor made referral
To check out faster action in the swirl.

Referee doctor’s busy as can be,
So two months down the road perhaps he’ll see,
Defeats the purpose I would tend to think
Oh well, lets push this cancer to the brink.

It’s hard to keep this old blood pressure down
When they behave so much like circus clowns.
As fiction, too absurd to be believed;
I wonder, looking back, if they are pleased.

I choose to not go down that road again –
‘A stitch in time’ is simply not their game.
Until the problem’s big enough they wait
Then play the hero charging through the gate.

I used to have respect for doc’s before
But now the thought of them just makes me snore.
They’re going to do their life they way they want
All other folks can like or take a jaunt.

My friend said, “Gaze at Jesus, glance at docs,
So into life you’ll have a better walk”.
Doc’s don’t know much, that’s plain for us to see,
So “glancing” might be just the thing for me.