Born at twelve a second time
Not outside – in heart of mine
By a cove in Cambrian shield
Fight for final tree did yield.

Sis and I – a fight broke out
Who got tree-fort tree most stout
We’d each claimed the others best
Down to this one which was left.

 Sent to corners midst the brawl
(Each to ends of island small)
Took my Bible, God knows why
Faith was formal just for I.

Sat amidst the moss and fern
On that rock where I would learn
Of a presence more than word
In this land-claims fight absurd.

Only knew Psalm 23
So with Bible on my knee
Looking over calm lagoon
Reading words  brought calm real soon.

Strange, that day, somehow I sensed
Not just words, this providence,
But a Spirit coming by
To my spirit saying, “Hi”.

One day while I was in school
Had a crush on girl so cool;
Longest time did not exist
On her ‘best friends’ shopping list.

Then one day as class broke up
She saw me – like she woke up.
Awkward moment then it seemed
Just as when God intervened.

Took some time while friendships grew
Twix that girl and this boy, Stu.
Just as walk with Spirit took
Years to grow once shift from Book.

Takes two years to grow in me
Things which of significance be.
Two years after Spirit's reach
To my spirit at that beach –

Helped me to grow up at  last
Got relief from stormy blast.
(Sexualized ten years before –
Stabilized those years from four).

That for me was blessing sent
As to teen years I then went;
Through the sixties’ drugs and flowers
Not so plagued by sex’s powers.

Sex, religion, death, Freud said
Mix for us from birth till dead.
Potent forces are all three –
Best seen in maturity.

I’ve seen kids face death too young
Parents, siblings, friends for some.
Then, own death some children face
(Long that’s been for human race).

Sex before maturity
Handles hard successfully.
Insufficient mental tools –
Fractured thoughts to kids then fuse.

Religious faith, it has two parts:
Part one – adult life and hearts
Seen by youngsters, like their love,
Best not prematurely shoved.

Part two – Spirit’s heavenly wave
To a heart – some call it ‘saved’.
Comes to folks when right the time
Brings new life for them, like mine.

Looking back, as TCK
Meeting Spirit on that day,
‘Land claim’ was just right for me
When we fought for final tree.

Now I move on with the rest
Of my life, perhaps the best;
Like I’ve come full circle round
Dealing with resources found.

Lord, my Shepherd, now I see
Gives us plenty – more than trees;
Calms my soul from chasing things –
Be with people – my heart sings.