Blessing From Pain

O the fragrance of the lilacs, rounded curves of granite rocks,
Wings of butterfly so fragile, dandelions by quiet walks,
Fresh mown grass and painted fences, shiny cars and gentle breeze,
Lord I sense your constant presence in such urban things as these.

Cell phone tower above the treetops near the river running by,
There’s a deer across the river watching me and wondering why,
Muddy boat ramp to the water now in use as it recedes,
Fish that’s jumping for its supper, squirrel that chatters in the trees.

Cross the river lies the meadow, distant cars on highway seen,
Buzzing fly alights my tree stump, squeals of children sight unseen,
In the distance costly houses, shakes on roof, with balcony
While the crow squawks to its soul-mate, ‘House of sticks and mud – come see!’

Low the rumble of the freight train, whistle sounds to crossing pass,
Swish of ducks upon the water as they land to rest at last,
Water snickers as it eddies past the pylons on the dock,
Hand in hand young people wander quite engrossed in quiet talk.

Smoke that eddies from a picnic ’neath the trees as food’s prepared,
Cautious child tries out the see-saw, sister says ‘come, don’t be scared’,
Fisherman on bike arrives here, tries his luck with fishing bait,
Time to head home for my supper, leaving now I won’t be late.

Lord I thank you for this refuge from the buzz of city life,
Park to sit here by the river, feel your peace e’re comes the night,
If all this had been not flooded, early on, much damage caused,
I’d not have this log to sit on, for it here by flood was lodged.