O Lord Your Spirit

O Lord your Spirit fills my heart
As praise I lift at coming dark
Receive my thanks fill me anew
That all in Thee I’ll say and do.

As morn approaches here I leave
Each parting time this peace I grieve
Grant that I carry to their strife
Touch of this place of peace and life.

The quiet lapping on the shore
That peace before the breakers roar
Wind’s gentle wisping in the pines
Which of your calming touch reminds.

The moss and lichens on the rocks
The ferns and flowers of morning walks
Cool soothing waters as we swim
Refreshing bodies, souls within.

The thrill of boats, both sail, and power
As ski and tube fills laughter’s hour
Songs from our hearts to you we raise
Our evening fire-lit hymns of praise.

How can my words convey my thanks
It fills my heart, o’re flows its banks
Grant that this gratitude I feel
Be felt in city church as real.