Location’s False Promise

It does not matter where you go
As you to others my love show
It’s in the living here they see
If it’s in fact My love through thee.

The ‘here’ and ‘now’ can shift and does
Through twisted troubled life because
A swirling whirling life is thine
At end you’ll comment on its wind –

‘How many lives I’ve had till now
I can’t see how I came here – how
Or when this happened all to me
Some fast some slow some s’prisingly.

If we are focused on the place
Instead of on the human race
We may in fact his will complete
But be surprised at Mercy Seat.

But worst of all those ulscers thrive
When we through life struggle and strive
While all along our joy He sought
And with His life our laughter bought.

It seems when His new life we take
While our old processes partake
It gets our new assignments done
But throughout life we miss the fun.

I think translators made a goof
Far better all to say in spoof
Than this so somber message give
To Anglo folks who somber live.

Come on, you guys, let’s lighten up
Lift festive voice to joyous cup
He gave to us that life abound
Let’s loosen up and move around.

The pain of life enough is real
As others our possessions steal;
As mothers loose their custody
Then only hours their children see;

As men their jobs see melt away
And with their jobs, their family’s pay;
The farmer’s crops for pennies sold
While others on their plight make gold;

As kids in tenements make play
With sticks and stones each passing day;
As old with pain and sickness cope,
And memories fade as wisps of smoke.

I think those girls with Slurpies cool
’Neath lilac hedge know golden rule –
I see their care and kindness show
In laughing fun – Your joy they know.

You said, ‘As child then enter in’,
‘No more your life second to sin’
‘My Word and freedom given to you’
‘Take freedom, yes, but laughter too’.