Victory Lap

The punchy picture which I made pre-noon
The first for years brought satisfaction soon.
Then printed book – ‘Poetic Journey Through
This Cancer-land’ I looked with eyes anew.

Soon first ten items had some sketches there
With notes about how concepts I might share
With photos new to go with poem’s words
So journey’s insights might be better heard.

At first a way had opened up for me
To leave a trail to let some others see
How best to walk to death triumphantly
Then my reprieve obscured my way to see.

But now this new development’s arisen
And threatens me – to slam me back in prison
I’ll not go there – that’s just futility
But photo-road, now that appeals to me.

Art therapy – has shifted trauma left
From right-brain’s home – no longer feel bereft
Of loss enforced by silly folks before,
My life in Church – good-bye for evermore.

For life’s too short to mess with trivial stuff
What lies ahead for me might be quite rough
But if while life and health holds up for me
I might lay out that path of victory.

I might not win this battle physically
But that can’t stop my walk triumphantly
Like time thrown out unceremoniously
A victory lap round town was made by me.

This cyclic round of loss appears to me
To be the shape of things, that’s what I see.
Though round it goes somewhat relentlessly
It merely drives my lap of victory.