Having Gone

‘You don’t got to go – you get to go
     And, having gone, disciple’ – His parting words
          To us most strange and precious –
               ‘Having gone’, indeed.

‘Like seed’, He said, ‘like seed, good seed
     A farmer scatters on the ground –
          Ground of his choosing – but yet
               Seed cleaned of weeds and blemish
                    Spot and stain
                         Prepared to be new crop
                              Upon the land –
                                   His land’.

Like seed, as well, perhaps
     In that, few seeds of their own will and power
          Fly off themselves to distant lands and shores
              Yet fly they do in guts of birds,
                   The whirl of upper winds,
                        And wash of lapping wave.

 Far distant shores indeed
     As seed inside the fruit
          Is carried off
              So unbeknownst to bird,
                   Then bird of prey,
                       And so on up
                            The chain of food,
                                 Then passed on out
                                      In fertilizing way.

Life has swirl and whirl enough –
     Sufficient to ensure that seeds be scattered round
          Sufficient to the day thereof.
               So having gone – disciple –
                    Mentor those around
                         Not as obsessed
                              Or timely pressed
                                   Or even more than once,
                                         If once accord your time and place;
                                              Relax – have fun
                                                  And if the time or circumstance
                                                        Permit – disciple – as
                                                             With you –

I mentored you – then mentored how to mentor two.
     Now you go too
           And having gone, through business
                 Trials, or daily round
                      Wherewith you’ve found
                           Yourselves out there
                                On foreign ground
                                     Or ’cross the street,
                                          Disciple – Mentor
                                               As I you
                                                    Have done.

And when you do, think back,
     Think back to what I did –
          With ‘Judaism lite’ broke down to two –
                Love God, love neighbor too –
                     Start there with that
                          Build out from there
                              With things that bear
                                   The relevance of
                                        Salt and light and
                                             Leaven to 
                                                  The lives and culture
                                                       That are theirs.

Baptize – just burry them – when they
     Like you find selves quite dead
          To all the crazy world which round
               Them swirls – that they
                    Like you can rise anew
                         To life on other side
                              Of pond – no more
                                   To that respond but
                                        Now in Spirit walk
                                             And not just talk
                                                  Who’ve seen the light shine through your eyes
                                                       Express surprise and crave its source
                                                            For their lives too –
                                                                 Disciple – Mentor as
                                                                       I did for you –
                                                                           Love, as I also loved
                                                                                You too.

So, having gone – disciple – not under pressure
     From above but gifted, as in love
          You then respond to those who’ve
                Heard your voice – their shepherd’s
                     Voice in daily walk you’ve
                          Made amidst the
                               Swirling clay
                                    Around you both
                                         Out there –
                                              You, having gone.