How Then Will Jesus Get Down?”

I give you thanks O Lord
While hearts with one accord
Give praise to you
For all you do
For your life-giving word.

     In few short strokes
     Your broke the yoke
     Our fettered bondage freed
     You heard our prayer
     In evil’s lair
     And satisfied our need.

The burden of our loss
You bore upon the cross
Long years ago
You made it so
Yet on my son ’twas lost.

You gave an image bright
To guide my child aright
A mystery
To set him free
And draw him to your light.

Her name I can’t recall
The part she played so small
But in that time
Prayer met was mine:
Son’s stature might be tall.

How will you, Lord, come down
And in his heart be found
My daily prayer
You be found there
His guide in living round.

We entered church at last
His eyes t’wards ceiling cast
The Spirit burst
Out from him first
“How then can Christ I grasp?—

“If Christ be stuck up there
(Balloon with lighter air)
He’s not much use,
Till he be loosed
Then Christ can float down here.”

The drama weeks ago
Some words a seed did sow
“To mystery
Invite to be –
Let children in it grow.”

Now we’ve a mystery
For our small family.
And some day, hence,
Balloon dispensed –
Will free him Christ to see.