51 Percent

My game is off – I wander round in somewhat of a haze.
Appointments missed and tasks not done – I have seen better days.
I’m coping pretty well I’d say, and yes, I’m feeling fine;
Whenever something happens though I drop below the line.

At fifty-one percent it isn’t far to drop below
That line that demarcates for me a sloppy world of woe
The only way to put some buffer in from  where I stand
Is dropping more agenda items – things I take in hand.

The trouble is it’s down so low already, to my mind
Much more and I’ll be stricken from the list of humankind.
So much to do, so little time, and energy’s so low
I cross the room, sit down and say, “ ’bout far as I can go”.

So, now it’s June and here I am, one year since surgery;
I’m getting up, it seems to me, now perched upon one knee.
They say to cut myself some slack as if I’m building Rome
But at the rate the junk piles up, it’s driving me from home.

‘Priorize’ they say to me, but that takes mental push
A list is all I make and then my energy is mush.
‘Get exercise’, ‘eat better food’, ‘take supplements’, they say,
‘Pay heed to Tony Robins, if you want a better way’.

Advice there is a plenty – heck I’ve handed out my share
And likely will in future, so to others say ‘beware’
I’m trusting that all this will pass as other things have done
And to some happy stable point in future we will come.

Today I start a three-week course – I’m auditing you see
On homicidal tendencies in folks like you and me.
I know you think I’m crazy but I’d like to know the score
So better fiction I can write before I write some more.

Besides, a deal I can’t turn down, and BU’s one’s alive –
Degree, if what I wanted, costs per year just twenty five.
I’d like to do that just to wander down the halls with glee
And drop into the chatter there how cheap it is for me!

I figure might as well do that, as sit in misery
An audit can’t be failed because it’s not for a degree.
That fits one more advisory note I heard the other day
“Just ask a busy person, they’re efficient in their way”!