The ‘-Ology’ Of Cash

An ‘-ology’ is just a way
Of talking ’bout a field
Like Psych, or Soc, or Crim, or Zoo,
A ‘study’ – facts to yield.

I figure what is needed now
Is ‘Cash’ to study close;
‘Cash-ology’ would suit me fine –
How save and spend the most.

Of course, some cash I’d need to have
My study to devise;
Perhaps they’ll give a grant for me
To use and make me wise.

‘But isn’t ‘Economics” what
They call such studies now?’
‘No, that’s not study of the milk –
More color of the cow’.

I’m thinking more of life down here
Beneath the clouds sublime;
Where you and I eke out our lives
On swill and bilge, in grime.

You see, I’m not the upper class
Not even mid-range, see,
But lower than the lower class
‘The Poor’, they label me.

I figure I’m best suited for
This study for us all
Since I’m not biased by the threat
Of failure great or small.

And if I win, my findings will
Be published, peer-reviewed –
By others out here in the slums
Whose studies cash have used.

Who knows, if upper folks reject
And cross-checks then insist,
Us poor-folks could for decades live –
What better life than this?