Four Things We Need – 4 – Deliverance From Evil

Evil swirls around us now
Endeavors to succeed somehow;
Like tidal wave it sweeps us o’re
As strong today as days of yore.

It comes sometimes in fashion fair
With breath of cool refreshing air;
But underneath veneer so great –
Lies; cold, malicious, deadly, hate.

Some evil looms with awesome force
That sweeps with fury off our course:
Great famines, wars, and murderous rage,
Far worse than fiction’s gruesome page.

But just as deadly – evil’s wine
As banal, seems to be benign –
The idle words, and gossip’s talk
Destroys careers and honest walk.

The petty theft that pulls out trust,
The shoddy goods that mould and rust,
The greed first covets, then pursues –
Goods, chattels, friends we hurt and use.

These little things layer up each day
Then land upon some person’s way;
Like kids who toss sand in the air,
It lands in theirs or other’s hair.

Deliverance from this evil comes
In part, as our direction runs
Away from all this evil life
So we remove our part of strife.

Although we can’t turn others right,
Sometimes our candles in the night
Confront each other with our sin
And cause us to rein error in.