Four things We Need – 3 – Deliverance From Temptation

Temptation rages round us here
Allures us from what we hold dear
It promises what cannot last –
‘A faster way that has no past’.

It sneaks up on us unawares,
It pushes buttons – ‘no-one cares’
‘It doesn’t matter any more’
‘Those rules and mores are just lore.’

When we succumb quick comes refrain –
‘You’ve gone too far, can’t turn again
To life, so might as well go on
And finish up, you’ve screwed up, son.’

Both aspects are of course not true
It matters, yes, for me and you
But when we’re bad, it’s not the end
We can turn back and our ways mend.

Deliverance – that for which we pray
For something new or old each day.
Those buttons hot in each of us
Havoc create – deep inside us.

But that is not of it the end
The pain we feel when ways we mend
It helps us later to resist
The easy way when truth we twist.