Four Things We Need – 2 – Forgiveness

Each day you live here under heaven
You’ll find a need to be forgiven.
Your selfish ways will plague your days
And folks will sue to make you pay.

For little jostles – ‘never mind’;
And retribution’s turn in kind –
At least we understand it is
Anger’s response in hectic biz.

The toughest part with which we cope
For which there seems no antidote
Is pain endured no justice there –
When we take hits that are not fair.

For this we need rebuke, to stay
Before we let them go their way.
If we just let them walk on free
They’ll carry on their hurting spree.

So first of all, for peace prepare –
Deep in your heart, not so much air.
Drop black and white, (peace, grays attend),
So own mistakes, your ways to mend.

Then think of what for you’s been good;
Make sure the other’s understood –
You want to treasure all those parts
As precious moments in your heart.

Then say, ‘we may not both agree
But of the past, here’s what I see –
What you have done, cause I don’t care,
It hurt like hell – why, made me swear!’

Then give the detail to you known
So in his heart your words are sown
Then tell him, ‘all is just a weight
I’m dumping right here in the lake’.

Say, ‘revenge’s rights I’m letting go
I wanted to be sure you’d know.
What ever else you think of this
It does not touch my future bliss.’

Three stories are – truth, yours, and mine –
The truth emerges when we find
Out both sides of a sorry past
Then we confront the truth at last.

Truth sets us free, after some pain;
There’s other ways to freedom gain
Give to the other one your side
So truth emerges ’neath his hide.

He’s in a rowboat all alone
One side of story in his zone.
Give him the other – truth will rise
Revealing to his mind the lies.

You do not have to know, to walk
Away in freedom from your talk.
When you rebuke then cut him free
You’ve given Truth some room to be.

That is your part, with life get on.
He may repent – but that is one
That’s gravy if it happens then
Or later if he message sends.

His situation picture now
Him in a boat, truth in the bow,
You cut him free, he floats away,
Just him and truth – “have a nice day!”.