Appointment missed I did today
Just like in football game – that play –
Repeated action sets the frame
So we no longer see a change.

Once learned, it’s very hard to see
What’s sitting there in front of me;
For I no longer see what’s there
But what I know – I don’t compare.

And even if I know that trap
It’s hard for me – avoiding that;
Which makes it doubly hard, you see,
First being wrong, then seeing me.

The second error’s mine, I know,
With back-up plan I did not go;
A quick phone call could set things right
When odd event first comes in sight.

Third error mine, this, of my way:
“Life works!” is what I always say;
Not cutting slack for error’s place
In frail self of human race.

I live as though not error prone
This human being as I roam;
“That’s not the case” I plainly see,
Then lull back to complacency.

I know this will not change in me,
This flaw in how I tend to see;
It must be rough repeatedly
To deal with frail humanity.