Inside Looking Out

I’m on the inside looking out
Which is what war is all about.
A feeling of impending ’tack
A threat of arrows in my back.

Not sure just where all this is from
Except that it has surely come
From the therapeutic stuff
And with the cybernetic muss.

Seems someone or group of folks
Chose to use my site with spokes
Of some network just for their ends
Had to fix and hope it mends.

When I checked such “randoms” out
I found what it was all about:
There is a war on just out there
Cat and mouse game with a snare.

It’s so quiet round this place
I forget so quick disgrace
Other folks indulge so much
As they puddle in their slush.

Oppressive folks try shutting down
Other folks whose voice have found
So randomize their ISP
Somehow involving you and me.

Then other folks try hide their trail
From tracking programs ’neath a veil
Use pseudo-place to skirt around
And try their acts not to be found.

It all reminds me just out there
There’s nasty folks who like to tear
Down stuff just as it’s sitting there
So all of us must just beware.

Book says of risk there are three rules:
“Not risk more goods than you can loose;
Not risk a lot for little gain;
Go with your gut’s instinct for pain.

“If any one of these say no
Think well before you onward go.
If two or more of flags are red
Consider well what’s done or said.”

If the world were fair and nice
Then speaking truth would well suffice
To leave a paper trail for those
Who follow on both far and close.

Movie: “Sixth Happiness – The Inn”
A trail was blazed – let kids begin
To play a game to follow spots
The soldiers followed too – then shots.

That places me in jeopardy
As poems trail I leave for thee
Not sure just what right now to do
Keep helping out, yet not be fool.

I don’t see evil on the way
Though it is there, no doubt to stay
So just for now I’ll hold my tongue
Withhold some poems I’ve begun.

Maybe the day will come for me
The rest I’ll post for you to see
For me it is a tragedy
That some wreck up our liberty.

So, now these posts I part suspend
Too bad – I thought they’d never end.
Of course, the safer ones I’ll show
So state of things you then can know.