This Little Congregation

There’s this little congregation, in Winnipeg I know,
Has no minister, that's making out just fine.
They’re a caring group of people, concern is what they show,
Saying ‘Hi!’, and really friendly all the time.

     Yes, it’s there for me and you
      Picks us up when we are blue
      Fills us with the Spirit, fortifies with prayer.
      Centers, rests, confronts, refines,
      Gives new friends, with bread and wine,
      Come and join us, we’d be honored with you there.

Lex’s worship is quite vibrant, Louise’s music too,
The “Called-2-Be" Band it leads us on our way.
Time for kids, concerns, and prayer-life, texts read by me and you,
Greeting, giving, Blessing, Sacrament, ‘Good-day!’

In the mid-week Gordie’s singing, with poetry, is tops,
Giving place for food and fellowship with friends.
Cleaning bees, and pancake suppers, board, office work a lot,
Bible study, Danny’s work that never ends.

Sunday morning Alex’ elevating has its ups and downs
Richard helps him out whenever he’s away.
Greeters meet us when we enter, good folk then us surround,
Coffee’s on for all to warm us on cold days.