Four Steps Behind

I know someone who walks four steps behind
But keeps right up so never much he minds.
If she’d just scurry to make up the gap
Then she with him would walk not see his back.

The doctors all have waiting list so long
It takes us months when ever something’s wrong.
I called to get the date for mother’s heart
“Two months or so," she said, – "that’s once we start”.

When for a nursing home we searching were
A two-year list – so we'd be not deferred –
She did not need one when we first applied
We had to guess when she’d need such supply.

Perhaps we should sit down and calculate
Our next appointment’s likely needed date
Then set another, maybe two or three
So we these doctors then can quickly see.

Or maybe doctors all could work some nights
To make the backlog disappear from sight
Then they could slow down – satisfied in thought
What pleasure their brief overtime had wrought.

Some think perhaps a broker most we need
So doctor next available we’d see.
Or tickets could be sold for each new day –
Then scalpers just outside could pave the way.