The Week In Between

There was this nice lady
Who took time with us
To show her art insights
Elicit our fuss
Gave us colored paper,
Paste, scissors, and time
To represent “strength”
Using shape, color, line.

The colors intrigued me
I sorted them first
Left feelings to guide me
From better to worst
Large sheet of white paper
O’re laid with some tan
For white is the background
For this Creenglish man.

The subset of color
Bright stripes all arrayed
My genetic culture
In package displayed.
I set it at half to
Two-thirds of my life
Then talked to the others
Of cross-cultured strife.

I said that my cancer
To me was weak link
When some cell got twisted
Took off in a blink.
The stress that is in me
Then burst through that gap
If I don’t address it
It just might come back.

It was quite cerebral,
In telling that is,
I’d played with that theme
In case something I’d missed.
So what – I soon saw
That some paper and paste
Could well vent one’s feelings
Without any waste.

Now turning to photos
Since I work there too
That strength colored yellow
Might brighten my view.
Or if it is better –
Let medium dictate
To my heart the venue
That strength can create.

Then from all the others
New pictures create
To give my rendition
Of themes my heart takes.
Perhaps it's a challenge
To fill up my week
And sanctify to me
The blessings I seek.