A Watercolor

I came into your house one night
When you were half-passed four
It was for me love at first sight
What I’d been looking for.

We moved into that tiny house
Just barely room for four
Your mom so longed to grow her brood
To have at least one more.

As child she’d loved to water paint
She’d learned it from a friend
The friend had died as old age came
Left her the house at end.

A ministry she’d grown into
The gentle caring kind;
She used her clipboard, lists and plans
To build a better land.

First round of trouble came your way
It laid mom right out flat
With help of friends’ support and love
God brought her bouncing back.

A second round then took its toll
Your family life was gone
Like Mother Courage through the night
She raised her only son.

You moved into her studio
Received just as a child
The type of art she liked the most
Was water-color mild.

Her ministry emerged when asked
To house some homeless folk
The challenge great this leader found
As latent talents woke.

It took a while for God to give
The answers to her prayer:
A son grown up, artistic mind,
And ministry of care.

As pets we puppies see a lot
Of most we do not care;
With food, and play, and sunny spot,
We walk right through despair.

But now it’s time to say good bye
It’s been as slice you guys;
The best was seeing each of you
Emerge through trial wise.