The Transition (Start of Costa Rica Trip)

A rabbit once climbed up a tree
‘No way’, you say, ‘that cannot be’
But you his motive cannot see
He had to – his necessity.

So with us when put on the spot
Regardless of the skill we’ve got
Life bides no man – “produce the goods”
“right with you, sir” is understood.

When language barriers block our way
To understand just what they say
So often others rescue me
And help the need more clearly see.

The truck backed up to garbage take
One called out from outside the gate
What ‘present’ means, my neighbor says
“for extra junk, one extra pays.”

One little lesson learned today
Though really buffered on my way
Each culture has its un-writ rules
The day’s events provide my school.

Though we are here on holiday
I well recall our former day –
Ten thousand little things to learn
With cost for error always stern.

A wish to please is not enough
So money flows out for such stuff
It’s like tuition in old schools
With caning when you break the rules.

You’ve made it, son, you’re almost there,
“Two years of this, if you can bear”,
Says to the world you can survive
And in a foreign culture thrive.

Not everyone can do this one
Your way with people helped you, son,
Your give and take, not ‘from above’
Is heard by those around as love.

I watch who holds you in esteem
And what those accolades might mean
Their words and gestures don’t conceal
But freely good reports reveal.

A job well done, your future bright
Each step set firm – first left then right
You’ve walked it out through ease and pain
Result? The ‘adult’ title gained.