This Day

This day I thought I’d never see
Has opened rather gloriously.
The sun is bright – soon will be hot
For last few hours of trip we’ve got.

We’ve seen the jungle, rode the tram
Atop the trees to forest scan
Seen lizards, monkeys, ants that sting
Raccoons, and hosts of birds that sing.

In jungle dry near western coast
Heard tales of jungle-life from host
Then in the central forest rain
Saw misty mountains be sustained.

A butterfly with wings of blue
Flashed by the car – was seen by you.
The car evasive action took
Lest spider trample underfoot.

We met his friends saw working place
Now hearing names we see each face,
Spent time relaxing by the pool
Fine restaurants and MacDonald’s stool.

Of coffee plants we’ll hear today
Buy gifts, prepare our homeward way.
Our home quite distant up till now
Emerges in our thoughts somehow.

While living in each moment bright
Through busy days and into night
For thoughts of home so little room
So just no thoughts of doom and gloom.

As time horizon shrank last fall
With Christmas season worst of all,
My “hundred list” indeed got cut
Then with reluctance picked things up.

So as we to our home return
Do I that list of hundred burn?
I’ve seen another world out here
And found myself pushed through my fear.

Intensity of life imparts
A restless stirring in our hearts
Is it too much to ask by far
Of life, “the sun, and moon, and star”?

I see his life picked up once more
As we fly out to distant shore.
Which load to lift, and road to take
And not the best of past forsake?

Perhaps our way, once home, is clear
As life’s realities appear.
This world I thought I’d never see
Is real for him – now seen my me.