Terminal Generation

Carl Jung, I hear, saw patients come and go
And noted how uneven crops we sow
As children raise their kids then let them go –
Half move things on, the other half not so –

The trick’s to watch cross-gender gifts as given
Same gender too, though those leave bondage riven
Cross-gender sets our children’s life-long path
Same-gender friendship looses family wrath.

Moms raise their sons to like their fathers be
Dads raise their daughters as their mothers see
This subtle flow of life-agenda passed
Is mitigated by our spousal task.

Same-gender parents’ friendship as their kin
Lets light and laughter with reality in
Our children find cross-gender flow of thought
Oppressive as they strive to live with ‘ought’.

Same gender parents come alongside kids
And help them find a way these bonds to rid
While still retaining thrust of energy
You built into us, Lord, to set us free.

Our parent’s parent ’cross the gender line
Give vision of a life for us sublime
When freed from parts for us impossible
It drives us forward in the way we go.

We’re just not built to do all things in life
For those who live outside their gifts there’s strife
So when we find cross-gender thrust is bad
Our stress goes up – the carnage is quite sad.

Your gift to us, Lord, brings us sweet relief –
Same-gender guidance for our weary feet
They help us live the possible in ‘ought’
And then permit us freedom in the ‘taught.

I have no girls to pass mom’s legacy
So thought her life was terminal in me
I see it’s common in our day and age
Was quite upsetting for me at one stage.

And then my role – same-gender in our home
Became more clear the further children roamed
To generate a terminal release
So crossing-gender’s bondage aspects cease.

Now freed in ‘ought’ and ‘taught’ impossible
Cross-gender thrust’s released to freely flow
We work together – parents, wife and me
Our kids empowered, envisioned, now set free.

But what of families where no children are
Or folks with us who follow single star
God gives them others in community
To share these roles so people’s beauty be.

Our parents die, but leave a legacy
Within the ‘ought’ and ‘taught’ sometimes set free
But if they go before our way we see
These come on side – life-passions get set free.