Systemic Sin

When flying home the endless checks
For guns and bombs and things that wreck
Things up for all the rest of us
Creates some jobs but endless fuss.

While out at sea the pirates rove –
Turn ransomed ships to treasure trove;
So now the ships must take up arms
To keep their crews from-hostage harms.

As tax time rolls around once more
With piles of paper-work in store
There’s tax police behind the scenes
For some are tax-evasion keen.

So what’s behind this mess today?
"Get funds for nothing", quick some say –
“The cash without the ‘Mana-act’
Can then be spent as if a fact.”

That’s true but when the system bends
And twists the people, soon it sends
All hope for those outside the few
Who wield the power o’re me and you.

So desperate times make desperate men
As chain-reactions start again
And little-folks at end of chain
Are filmed for evening news again.

The drug-lords launder funds they earn
To fool the system, laws they spurn.
But hiding far from prying eyes
Is power-laundering’s twisted lies.

The most that’s seen – white collar crime
But deeper yet – insider’s slime
From small reserve to world-Class Power
New act-reactions start each hour.

Yet those inside go on to say
“I’m not that bad by light of day.”
But chain-reactions factored in
Reframes them in ‘Systemic Sin’.