The Substantiating Of Things Hoped For

Encounter for marriage  for us was a tool
It strengthened our marriage and set up renewal
It came just before I stepped into the fray
Returning to us love of our wedding day.

A weekend of questions which guided our talk
Two couples and Priest first told of their walk
Together to listen; Ten minutes to write;
Then ten to explore our love letters – quite tight!

The last of the weekend – it came to a head
With ninety and ninety – “two questions” they said:
“So why go on living?” the first of the two;
Then “Why go on living from henceforth with you?”

The questions emerged with the force of a blow
I’d not asked those questions – just assumed I’d know
But writing that letter, then getting one too
Change what we’d assumed into something we knew.

Now out of a book, comes that question again:
“When facing disease with the object ‘to reign’
Time runs out like water; it pours through a sieve –
So find for yourself a good reason to live.”

The answer is coming, It’s clearer each day.
The second’s a challenge as well in its way –
Support to each other, or just as they say,
‘To grow old together, based on yesterday’.

We don’t know the future – each twist and each turn
With forty behind us – We’ve so much to learn
But as we move forward come whatever may
Let’s walk with each other – until end of day.

Our early commitment ‘till death do us part’
Has carried us forward triumphant from start
Let’s build on that weekend, help this disease go
By turning assumptions to something we know.