Loose belts on pulleys or slack chains on sprockets –
Errors in driving, no change in my pockets,
Date book not entered, or payments not made,
I just don’t feel I’m on top of my game –
When the phone rings,
When the mail comes,
When things come to mind,
I simply remember it's slippage and sigh –
It makes me feel so bad.

A sink full of dishes, and rungs that need dusting,
Unanswered emails, and car that is rusting,
Garage that needs cleaning, and ice on the walk
Things just pile up – new requests make me balk –
Where’s the car keys?
And my glasses?
Now the cell-phone’s died,
I feel I’m not pulling my weight on the team
Even my role as dad.

Now spring is coming and yard chores are looming,
Water is running, soon weeds will be blooming,
A hole in the eves trough, the pond scum is bad,
Lawnmower is broken, the driveway looks sad –
Crack’s in plaster,
Trim needs painting,
Will it ever end?
Maybe it’s time to move on from this house
Then we won’t feel so bad.

“First put the rock in and then put the pebble
Gravel and sand fill the space in the middle
Thus you do more when your time becomes short” –
Thing is I’m finding it just doesn’t work –
Good intentions,
Unseen road blocks
Just no energy
There’s something I’m missing, just what can it be?
So wish that I could see.

“Cancer’s a rock not a pebble or sand
Into the jar first, then add what you can”
I fight this notion – “Accept that” to me
Is like a small jar with no serenity –
Give me courage,
Give me wisdom,
Let it slippage be
I can’t accept cancer as part of my life
It’s part of garbage, see?

“Cancer and chaos and breakdown on your part
Will be part of life while its cause is in your heart
So put in its place like that rock in the jar
Good care for your body, good lifestyle by far –
Keep the stress down,
Watch nutrition,
Move around, have fun,
The slippage flows out from the rock in the jar
Untill your day is done.”