Louis Riel Day (Indian Health Care Song)

There’s a pain inside of me
Tell me doc why can’t you see
What is sitting there for viewing with your eyes.
I can feel it in my gut
Ain’t it just my piece of luck
To get shunted with those folks that you despise.

There’s two tears in healthcare now
And I’m here to tell you how
You can get some awful service from the folks who think they’re great.
There’s a tier for you and me
But the other we’ll not see
It’s for those with power and rich folks on the make.

When you’re hassled it’s a rule
That you’d better keep your cool
Cause it’s how the doctor’s go through life their way.
If some trouble you create
Or the silence game you break,
You’ll get service but in second-class you’ll stay.

When I looked my eyes were blue
I was educated too
So I thought I’d get the service I deserve.
But a slip-up on the phone
Put me out here all alone
Might as well be living back on the reserve.

In the year of forty-six
When the natives did not mix
With the white folks with the power to have their way.
Stomach cancer was his fate
Only aspirin he could take
Died in pain when health providers would not pay.

Now the staff is out on strike
Walking pickets day and night
Wanting wages, better treatment from the docs –
View themselves as an elite
Not so seen down on the street
It’s much better when in humbleness they walk.