The Pebble In Our Shoe

As he walked across our nation
Said it was not mountain huge
That presented most of trouble
But the pebbles in his shoes.

So with cancer once we’ve got it
We adjust its vastness to
But the grind of many small things
Slowly takes its toll on you.

Side effects of drugs and treatments
Loss of patience, shortening fuse,
Costs that mount e’en with a drug-plan
Keep our funds from other use.

As you see from all these poems
(Mine a mild case I can see)
There are ups and downs a plenty
Life is changed for you and me.

I have learned from watching others
And myself by being there
Courage comes in hosts of choices
Daily made as load we bear.

Slowly we take on new burdens
Change our pace, adjust our load,
Unused muscles find new strength as
We continue down our road.

Threats and fears new dangers give us
Strife within  to match without
As our sickness shifts and changes
Like a child’s kaleidoscope.

Even stopping on our journey
Many times to dump out shoes
Gets annoying, drags our spirits,
Time and energy we loose.