Twin boys arrived with faces bright
Set firm his heart to raise them right.
The older sisters each now given
A baby-brothered touch of heaven.

As two more at the table sit
His memories stir and pain of it:
In basket set on patio
As parents from his life did go.

He grew up to maturity –
Worked hard on docks low school did see;
From home to home, through day and night,
A place in sun he had to fight.

First, off for Panama to war
Against Colombia was his chore.
Then fight for president must choose
Or ten-year exile – home must loose.

He took the exile – travelled round
Tried several countries, ships, till found
This Costa Rica paradise –
Now four young kids and local wife.

He bounced from job to job a while
Then giving tours to make us smile;
Crude justice system was not right
But smiling, he pushed on with might.

His knowledge vast; observant eye;
Refuses to back down or die;
His joyful service ranked “five star”;
Far bigger than this town by far.

“A book I want to write some day –
Encourage others on their way;
They’d push ahead if me they saw
This C-R man from Panama.”