Income vs. Outgo

As the conversation ended
I talked a bit about the play –
Of the challenge to the people
As they faced their start of day.

Then there came that flash of insight
‘Catching up’ described by her
When she saw ‘the stage I walk on
Was much bigger’, as it were.

Having someone know I’m out here
Knowing just what I’m about
Is a gift of affirmation
Joy explodes in me as shout!

 When back on the reservation
Somewhat new was doctor there
As he didn’t know the language
Called it ‘veterinary fare’.

Soon they drove him from their presence
Said that he was much confused
They had terms for moms and grandmas
Word for ‘dog’ was never used.

To affirm the worth of women
Grasp relationships at home;
When it’s of the other gender
Field of work is more the zone.

Of six billion on this planet,
Less than five know what I do;
Now there’s one in health-care system –
Fixing me is fixing you.