To Mentor

He made his tin-can car 'till problem seen
Abruptly dropped his tools, no longer keen
Preferring internet which he could do
To pushing through a craft and look the fool.

When we start up another enterprise
We often see the end, up in the skies
Then we confront the present here below
To get to end through obstacles we grow.

I saw so much of me in that event
In paddling my canoe and pitching tent
It really doesn’t matter which gets done
Our growth takes place when tougher race we run.

My camping trips put challenges to me
And would not let my problems early flee
As night came fast at end of tiring day
The need for place to sleep went not away.

As day for me dies early in the west
The challenge it presents ere I should rest
(Though short reprieve gave me some breathing room)
Removes from me the time for doom and gloom.

Just as a boy my father to me came,
Helped my priorities to set in frame:
“Stay dry – first fire; then tent; then food; then sleep;
All other tasks till morrow’s light will keep” –

So now, as gloaming light marks end of day
To wrap up many tasks I seek a  way.
At worst, my energy will fade away –
So what, like “fire first”, extends my day?

Which are, in context this, “essential tasks”?
A rough idea comes as I relax :
The ones that feed the future – not for me,
But those for whom tomorrow’s light will see.

My health and balanced life like firelight
When tended first  extends my day in night
Not much, but such extension to my day
Has added warmth, in firelight’s winsome way.

Just like that car or setting camp at dark
It feels like challenge never quite so stark.
Emotion’s great – enriches life for all
But overwhelming – feels like stumbling fall.

That photo new of growth that’s deep in me
They've clipped for testing now is plain to see,
Is like those signs of my encroaching night
Which called to camping tasks of ebbing light.

I wish someone would help us learn to die
Before we exit here for realms on high,
Like me with grandson’s car, and father’s fire –
To help me triumph here is my desire.

A poster said, “Don’t follow road today,
But go where no-one’s gone and blaze a way”
Lord may this journey’s poems into night
Make clear the trail, and others’ journey light.