Politics – words we’ve almost said aloud
Afflicts the living more than those in shroud
For facing death, who cares what others think
But facing life, those truths our ships could sink.

The problem’s not so much for youngish fools
We’ve all been there, before we learned the rules.
Our culture’s code though rigid in its lines
Allows for youth’s cruel tongue and foolish times.

And even when some cultures’ borders cross
We’re given time before we bear the cost
For words misspoken, actions out of line
Then 'laughed allowance for wrong moves' declines.

The prophet, priest, or artist, with their tools
Can speak the truth and dare to break the rules
But paid they’re not, they go their way alone
To pour out gold, in hard exchange for stone.

A brush with death – refiner’s fire close by,
More so, for life is ours – we do not die
For then we face the truth of Plato’s cave –
Prophet’s hemlock, a cross, or watery grave.

The Polynesians saw and named that force
And held its potency in life of course
To come and go, bring healing, wealth, or strife
Best left alone, so touched by few in life.

They called it ‘Mana’, potent power known
Potential rose where 'ere its presence sown
Giver of life but touch of death as well
Few dared to wield its power for life to swell.

But Mana found or fixed within some thong,
Or work, or action, thought, or sacred song,
Was coveted by all, and like for us
We want its life, though wary of its fuss.

We hold in awe those artisans of power
And pay high prices for some word or jar
That promises to lift in life our lot
Such power contained, not loosed in life, is sought.

But vessels of such Mana’s truthful word
When kept restrained outside us is absurd
But let inside our lives explode with might
It fills our lives with soul-releasing light.

And thus we die, not later in our time,
But now, with "Mana-presence" being mine
For truth when seen and felt for real within
Destroys so fast our appetite for Sin –

Those things emerge as then we walk the cave –
For Mana-power we seek to give not save;
Within us now no threat for us its power;
But we're the threat to those life-trapped this hour.

Then we in life, what ever role or place
Wed to our object, words, or songs, this grace –
The basis of exchange: this Mana flow;
Not held within for fear – with joy let go.