Swift’s Gulliver walked gingerly out there in Lilliput
For fear of stepping on their heads and crushing underfoot.
So too I sigh when hear the cry of baby in the store
For Darwin’s claim is just a game until we add some more.

Thick fingers on the zipper though ‘it worked today at school’;
A car from box and tin-can lid requesting now a tool;
Keen aim to please in fast food job though knowing not quite how;
An awkward blush at adult role with adult actors now;

The interview secured her job though it was quite a mess;
Three failures in the business world before he made success;
So nervous with the tenants he forgot the food to pass;
Uneasy with the travel shots the nurse felt like a lass;

Wrong night for meeting, overwhelmed, no longer on his game;
Rough steering walker on the ice; and starting up with cane;
The end of illness long and drear – to life a passing on;
His life of vigor, cakes, and gifts, stretched out with frailty long.

So if it’s just the strong do best, what if we mate and die?
The theory only holds its own if social life we ply.
Throughout our lives we fragile are as we progress to strength
A shelter from the storm’s full force ensures a life of length.

As we grow strong and skills increase we shelter those behind,
While taking our protection we keep weaker ones in mind.
God’s miracles transpire in us when challenge we engage –
But strength we each put forth to win in larger group is made.

The biggest challenge of them all comes when we near the top –
Our pace must slow and careful go through Lilliputian walk.
But greatest blessing comes to those who give, not those who get –
‘Protect’, ‘forbear’, ‘shore up our share’, enriches every step.